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Now that you have made the decision to go through eyebrow embroidery Singapore, the other most important thing is for you to understand the various aspects involved in the procedure. There are some things that you must put in mind, so that you get the desired results. You need to seek information from other people who have undergone through the process successfully or professionals. It is good that you know what is involved during the procedure, so that you can have the understanding on what you are about to go through and the final results that you should expect. Eyebrow embroidery Singapore is an emerging trend that has gained a lot of popularity among many people. Let us first look at what is involved in eyebrow embroidery Singapore procedure.

Eyebrow embroidery Singapore is also referred as eyebrow hairline stroke. Unlike the eyebrow tattoos, it is not permanent and can last for duration of up to three years. Colored pigment is added to the skin and the procedure helps fill in empty spots on the brows to provide them with a flawless and full look. It is done using a feathering technique which helps produce a natural look since it makes use of the pigments in a perfect manner matched to the color of your actual eyebrow. It is also a great procedure for thickening the existing eyebrows or making them darker and makes them more apparent.
Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore

How the procedure is done

During the procedure, your expert will do thorough clean up of your brow line by getting rid of the strays. Then, an aesthetic cream will be applied to minimize pain sensation. Once the desired brows get traced, the expert will make use of a small blade to cut minute pieces of the top layer of your skin away and apply the desired color in its place. The blade that is used is the same as an exacto knife, so it is sharp and thin. At times there may be appearance of minor swelling and redness, but they will get away within some hours or just after a few days. The color will fade away by about sixty to seventy percent within two weeks meaning that you will need to go for a follow up session. It is advisable that you avoid scrubbing your brow area or picking off any scabs that might develop. This is necessary in order to give protection to the new eyebrows. It is also good to put in mind that because this is not a permanent procedure, it will need touch ups from one time to the other if you opt to have them. You are usually advised to avoid waxing your brows before the appointment with your aesthetician. After week one, your brows might appear crusty. The pigments will look lighter afterwards and fully return after four weeks of healing.

Its safety

Just like with many other cosmetic procedures, eyebrow embroidery Singapore is safe as long as it is done in the right way. You will also get the desired results if you choose your expert well. You should understand the cost involved to get the procedure carried out so that you avoid some very cheap experts who will not help you get the desired results. So, if you find an expert offering the procedure at a very low cost, be very careful. In order to reduce risk of infections and get high quality treatment, make sure that your expert is certified and qualified by a well known company. It is also good that you ask about sterilization when getting eyebrow embroidery Singapore. It is good to ensure that all the tools that will be used during the procedure are sterilized completely to prevent transmission of harmful bacteria. There should not be any case of reusing of blades or needles. Make sure that you see the packages getting opened to ensure that all the tools that will be used are safe.

Is it the right procedure for you?

Eyebrow embroidery Singapore can be performed on anyone, but it is usually meant for those people that have thinning eyebrows, those with bald spots or those who have overplucked. At one time in your life, your brow hair will stop growing again, so if you had plucked away your shape to regain your once elegant and stylish thin brows, Eyebrow embroidery Singapore will provide you with the perfect solution. It is also perfect for those suffering from alopecia.

How to ensure that you get the right results

Eyebrow embroidery Singapore is usually performed for people with light brow hair and pale skin. The major complaint that they have brow coloring that is very dark. To ensure that you get the desired results, it is good that you pre select a color with your expert. You should put in mind that the color will get lighter within the next two weeks. Another major problem is that the brows do not match well with the shape of brow muscles meaning that when they flex, the new embroidered brow might look out of shape. With a reputable and qualified expert, this will not occur, however since the coloring will stay intact for some years, you need to be very sure. Once your expert has drawn in a good brow, you should look yourself in the mirror before you decide to move one with the procedure. Make sure that you make funny face and flex your muscles around so that you can see if you are satisfied with the positioning. Once the procedure is completed, it might not be possible to make changes, so it is good to be extra careful than being sorry for getting what you did not anticipate.

Eyebrow Embroidery

In order to get the best results, you need to take your time as you look for the best aesthetician in Singapore to perform the procedure for you. Check that they have the right qualifications in carrying out eyebrow embroidery Singapore. It is also good that you check that they have high level of success among the clients they have worked on. The best way to get the best expert for your procedure is to ask for recommendations or check the online reviews that are provided by their past clients. By doing this you will not make a mistake that might end up being costly to you by getting eyebrow embroidery Singapore procedure that will not offer you the desired results.

Points to note before you can go for the eyebrow embroidery Singapore

Just like with other cosmetic procedures that you might want to have, there are certain things that you should put in your mind before you make your final decision. This will ensure that you do not do something that will make you to regret in the long end. Here are some of the things to do before going for the procedure.

Select the eyebrow embroidery Singapore technique that you like

In the past years there are more and more procedures that have come up. This is why it is important for you to understand the procedure that you would like to be applied. Note that the techniques also vary in terms of price. Your eyebrow embroidery Singapore expert will provide you with advice on the best techniques that will produce the best results for you. Most of the recent techniques have more strokes and make the brows look more natural and more beautiful. The eyebrow embroidery Singapore technique that you select must be the right one for you. The techniques have advanced with time. The newer the technique the more strokes you will have and they will make you to look more natural. However, it is also good to note that the cost tends to be higher depending on the level of complexity of the technique applied. By considering these factors you will end up making the right decision on the technique that suits you well.

Understand the shape of the brows that you need

Before you go for eyebrow embroidery Singapore, it is good for you to understand the type of image that you would want to attain at the end. Most of the aestheticians who perform this procedure in Singapore have high level training to map up your brows to ensure that you attain good balance and proportion to your face. However, you should only agree with the procedure after you are fully satisfied with the brows drawn on your face.

Be ready to spend more time as you clean your face

During the first week after you have undergone through this procedure, your brows are not allowed to come into contact with water directly. During this time, you can make use of soap and cotton pads to wipe your face. Make sure that you wipe your face in a cautious manner, the way that is done at facial to avoid wetting them. After the scabs have peeled off, you can go back to your normal cleaning procedure.

Eyebrow Embroidery SG

Spare a whole week to recover

When you are done with the eyebrow embroidery Singapore procedure, you should ensure that you spare a whole week to recover. Therefore, before you make the booking with your aesthetician, make sure that you do not have any activities you have planned the following week. You should make sure that you avoid attending major occasions, social events, gym, swimming classes and others. In addition to this, it is also advisable that you do not meet a lot of people and keep a low profile because there are many of them who will ask you what happened with your eyebrows. This might affect you leading to some psychological problems.

Benefits of undergoing through eyebrow embroidery Singapore

There are a lot of benefits that you will get after you undergo the procedure. Most of these benefits are cosmetic in nature because they will make you have a better look. Below are some of the major benefits that are involved.

Make your eyebrows look fuller

One of the major benefits of undergoing through eyebrow embroidery Singapore is that if you have sparse and thinner eyebrows, they will become fuller after the procedure. This will not only make you look better, but they will also appear natural. This will make you have more self confidence and esteem.

Offer more flexibility

Another great thing is that you will be able to do anything that you want without losing your eyebrows. This means that you will have the opportunity to perform yoga, wipe your forehead, swim or play many other games without any fear of losing the brows. If you are the kind of a person who suffers from alopecia, you can regain your fine looking brows once more.

Eyebrow Embroidery in SG

Get customised eyebrows

If you have the shape and size of eyebrows that you have desired to have, you can attain your goals through eyebrow embroidery Singapore. You will attain the length and width that you would like because they can be adjusted to suit your own specific tastes and needs. The arches can also be repositioned and crafted, thus providing your eyes with a great natural appearance.

Attain a better look

Just like many other cosmetic procedure, if eyebrow embroidery Singapore is undertaken in the right manner it will help you have a better look. Your eyebrows will look fuller which will definitely make your face look great. With a better look you can be assured that you will also feel better and develop more confidence in your life. You will be able to interact with other people in a better way and also carry out your tasks in a better way. In overall, you will have more confidence and have a positive outlook in your life.

Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore is absolutely great. This is a procedure that will not only save you time, but also time when it is completed. This happens because once it is completed; you will not need to fill them again for at least three years. At times you will only be required to apply shadow powder to make them darker. This is a simple task that you can complete in less than four minutes.

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