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There is nothing good as having healthy and full eyelashes. They make you have a great look and also ensure that you do not face a lot of hassles with your lashes. Mascara has been the best option for women looking for ways to make their eyelashes look elegant. While mascara has been the best option for a long time, there are several other options that have come up. The most recent options are more cost effective and make your eyelashes look longer. Instead of having to purchase a costly eyelash lengthening serum or mascara, it is advisable to invest in eyelash extension Singapore.

Semi permanent eyelash extensions look natural and they are applied one by one to each individual natural lash. Eyelash Extension Singapore is designed to mimic your natural lashes. The design features a tapered tip that has a thick base that resembles the feel and look of a natural eyelash. You can expect your initial eyelash extension procedure to be scheduled for up to two hours. This time gives you a great opportunity to rest and get pampered as your expert changes your eyelashes to the personalized look that you have opted to have. There are different styles that you can select, so take your time to make sure that you choose one that will make you look unique from others. It is also possible for you and your hair stylist to come up with a tailored look that compliments your natural beauty.

Eyelash Extension Singapore

Eyelash extension Singapore is one of the greatest and popular cosmetology breakthrough that has happened in the last ten years. Instead of having to apply and remove mascara daily or struggling by using false lashes, it is possible for you to enjoy elegant lashes after just a single appointment with your expert or salon. A highly reputable aesthetician has the ability to apply the lashes by use of long lasting glue that will ensure that they are held in place for about three to four weeks. It is also good to note that each of the eyelash extension Singapore is applied individually meaning that you can have them filled every three to four weeks. Your first appointment will take an hour, meaning that you do not waste a lot of time in the process.

One of the greatest benefits of selecting eyelash extension Singapore is that you are not required to wake up each and every morning to curl the lashes or apply make up. They look great without any extra work. All you will need to do is to ensure that you follow strict care guidelines to ensure that your extensions stay in place for a long period of time. Opting for the extensions means that you do not have to invest in expensive lash supplements or mascara. With the busy lifestyle that many people are living in the modern times, it means that you might not have all the time to apply fake lashes daily. It is with this reason that eyelash extension Singapore has become very popular in the modern times. Depending on your own specific needs, there are different types of eyelash extensions that you can have in Singapore. Here are some of the major types of these eyelash extensions.

Major types of the extensions

There are three major types of the eyelash extensions including mink, silk and synthetic. The availability in terms of size ranges from six millimeters to seventeen millimeters. Once you select the specific type of eyelashes to be applied on you, they are applied one at a time using a semi permanent glue that is specially formulated. The good thing about this glue is that it does not irritate the eye or cause any damage to your natural lash. However, since there are a lot of allergic reactions, there are wide range of glue depending on the level of sensitivity. Your eyelash extension Singapore expert will give you advice on the best type that will work perfectly for you. It is also good to ask other people who have the extensions regarding the best types that have worked perfectly for them.

How long it takes to apply the eyelash extension Singapore

Eyelash Extension

It is worth noting that it will not take you a full day to have the eyelash extension Singapore applied. Application of a full set of the eyelashes will take about two hours. You will also have to note that they can be maintained all through the year with touch ups. This is recommended to be done after every three to four weeks. A half set of the eyelashes are a cost effective option to gain similar great effect. They are also applied as filter to make the natural lashes thicker or applied on the outside from your eye to give you a more specialised look.

Every person has different lashes and depending on the specific condition of your natural eyelashes, your professional will just go a specific thickness or length. This is done in order to make sure that your natural eyelashes look and remain healthy. For instance, in case your natural eyelashes are on the thinner, shorter side, you might not be able to get very long or thick ones because they will not last for a long time. You need to begin with a half set ranging from fifty to sixty percent of your top eyelashes. This is the case if you are not sure or it is your first time to have eyelash extension Singapore. You have to note that it is much easier to have more addition, than to have them removed.

What if glue gets into your eyes?

Most people have the fear that the glue used might get into your eyes. However, it is good to put in mind that since your eyes remain shut the entire time that eyelash extension Singapore is applied; there is no chance of having glue getting into your eye. To avoid getting irritation, the first precaution you should take is to make sure that the glue is safe for your eyes and does not have anything that can cause harm to them. It is also important that you know the difference that exist between an infection and an allergic reaction. An experienced and reputable eyelash extension Singapore technician will not allow for an infection to happen, but in case you develop allergic reactions because of the glue, you will still develop allergic reactions. However, this is not to mean that the glue used in harmful. It is also good to note that regardless of the extent of the allergic reaction, it is impossible for you to go blind. In case of a severe allergic reaction, you are advised to go to visit an optician to treat this problem.

What to do when you cry

In case you experience any discomfort or burning during the eyelash extension Singapore procedure, making your eyes to tear, this is a sign that you need to speak out. Your expert will need to change the glue. Getting the eyelash extension Singapore should be painless.

Eyelash extension Singapore procedure

Just like with many other cosmetic procedures, there is a specific procedure that is used when applying eyelash extensions. Before the start of the application process, your expert will perform a thorough consultation, giving you a great opportunity to assist in designing your personalized eyelash look. In addition, your professional will also ask you several questions regarding your lifestyle and health to make sure that you get the right eyelash extension Singapore.

Eyelash Extension SG

During the application process, you are supposed to recline your eyes closed. The application of your selected eyelash extensions is wonderfully relaxing, rejuvenating and painless. In most cases you will fall asleep when wake up having darker, thicker and more voluminous eyelashes. During the application process, your expert will do isolation of a single eyelash extension and then bond one lash extension to on natural eyelash. This is a great technique that creates a seamless feel and look. The new eyelashes will look as if they are your own. To enhance safety during and after the procedure is completed; the eyelashes should not be applied to your skin. They are only attached to your natural eyelashes. It is also worth noting that the eyelash extensions adhere to your natural eyelash by use of safe and great adhesives.

Redoing of your eyelash extension Singapore

It is good to note that eyelash extensions last for a full growth cycle that the natural eyelashes do. This is duration of up to about six to eight weeks. Another thing that is worth noting is that each individual’s eyelash growth is very variable. It is advisable do to light eyelash extension maintenance after every three to four weeks to ensure that they have and maintain their great look.

Falling out of the eyelash extensions

Since each of the eyelash extension Singapore is attached to a single eyelash, they tend to fall out naturally together with the natural growth cycle of each lash. This is where there is a need to have touch ups after every three to four weeks. If the eyelash extensions are applied by a professional, you can be assured that they will never fall off regardless of the circumstances or situations that you might be. You will need to avoid picking at them or trying to pull them out because they might end up falling off.

Performing your daily task

Many people in Singapore ask if they can move on with their daily routine when they have eyelash extension Singapore applied. It is advisable to avoid water from getting in touch with your eyelashes for the first twelve to twenty four hours after the application process or touch ups. This is necessary because water can weaken the glue before it is fully set and make the eyelashes to fall off. The after care of the eyelashes differs depending on the kind of adhesive that is used. For instance, for adhesive used for sensitive eyes, oil based makeup or product removers should not be used. Use of water proof mascara on the eyelash extensions should not be used for any type of adhesive. This is because it is difficult to remove and can pull off the eyelashes in a premature manner as you try to take it off.

Wearing mascara

Many people also get confused as to whether they can wear mascara when they have the eyelash extension Singapore applied. In case you plan to wear mascara together with the extensions, you are supposed to apply it on the tips of the eyelash extensions and in a very light manner. This will be adequate to make your eyes to have a great look. If you apply mascara at the base of the eyelash extension Singapore, they look clumpy.

Eyelash Extension in Singapore

Your natural eyelashes

After you apply eyelash extension Singapore, you can be assured that they will have no effects to your natural lashes. If they are applied in the right manner, they are very safe and do not affect the health of your natural eyelashes. You should never rub your tug or eyes or pull on the extensions because this can lead to loss of the eyelash extension Singapore and even cause severe damage to your natural lashes. If applied well and to each individual eyelash, they do not fall out.

Major benefits of eyelash extension Singapore

There are several benefits you get after having the extensions applied. Here are some of the major benefits:

  1. Add fullness and volume to your natural eyelashes
  2. They are water resistant
  3. Natural and light in weight
  4. Make you have a better and unique look
  5. Enhance the look of your eyes
  6. Save time doing your own lashes and there is no clean up required
  7. Lifts the eyelashes to make your face have more depth
  8. Can be customised to make you have a more unique look

Bottom line

To ensure that you get the best results, make sure that you visit an eyelash extension Singapore expert with a great reputation among clients for offering great results. Get referrals or check online reviews to determine the best one.

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