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If you are looking for Condo in Jurong Lake district you do not have to look anywhere else because Lake Grande condo is the best. Getting a great condo that meets your specific needs can be a daunting task. This is especially because every person has his or her own needs and condo developers try to meet all these needs at the same time. However, developers nowadays have learned to develop condos that accommodate the needs of the wide range of their clients.

Features that make Lake Grande Condo exceptional

Lake Grande

This is a condo that is developed by MCL land (vantage) along Jurong West Street 41. It has a gross floor area of 536,386 square feet meaning that there is enough space for you. It has five hundred and fifty residential units and you have the option to choose the unit that will meet your specific needs in the most effective way. The tenure of the condo is ninety nine years, which is a very long time compared to the tenure of many other condos in Singapore. One of the things that make this condo a great one is its location. It is located in a convenient Jurong lake district near different facilities, so when you get the condos, you will never get stressed as you try to access the different facilities that you might need in your day to day life.

It is also located in an area where you get ample of shopping malls. This means that for all your shopping needs you do not have to hassle or travel for long distances to buy the goods you need. The other good thing is that the shopping malls are open on 24/7 basis, so you can shop any time according to your own convenience. Some of the shopping malls near the condo include Westgate, large box, Jcube, IMM, Jurong point, west mall and JEM. Health care facilities are also very vital at any given time. The condo is located in area where you can access the health care facilities without a lot of hassles or stress. There is Ng Teng Fong general hospital that is just located nearby. You would just spend a few minutes to drive to the hospital. Therefore, whenever there is even an emergency health need, there will be no issue because you get the services fast.

Regardless of the type or size of your family, the condos have units that will accommodate your needs. There are perfect unit mixes for different size and types of families. There are also communal facilities that will offer you high level entertainment and enjoyment. If you are the kind of a person who likes strolling, you do not have to worry because Lake Grande condo is located five to eight minutes to Chinese Garden MRT and lakeside MRT. The condo is also located near great schools such as Jurong junior college, Rulang primary school, river valley high school and Canadian international school. This means that regardless of the type of school that you want your children to attend; you will get one that will offer the specific learning needs of your children.

You might have heard of come across some condos that are very expensive. This might have discouraged you from even looking for condos, but you do not have to worry. The condo will offer you great investment for rental. The price is friendly so when you rent you will not even feel any strain in your budget. The cost effectiveness of this condo is what has made them to be very competitive among potential tenants. The condo provides capital gain prospect that is perfect. In addition, the condo is provided with branded, stylish and contemporary interior appointments and fixtures.

Lake Grande in Singapore

Another great advantage is that the condo is near the largest commercial center outside the CBD. It is also located in a strategic location with a panoramic view of Lake Jurong. When you decide to get one of the units, you might be spoilt of the wide range of options that you have. This is because there are one to five bedroom unit type. This is in addition to the double rooms that are common in many other types of condos you get in Singapore. The Condo has the ability to attract a lot of potential and informed investors because potential growth and the great location. Lake Grande Condo contains six blocks of residences. Each of them is sixteen storeys high and most of the units that you get here offer great view of Lake Jurong envisioned above. Even when resting in your unit, you will be feeling relaxed and feel as if you are in a great beach as you have the view of Lake Jurong.

The other great thing that makes the condo a perfect option is that there is a plan to build a world class science centre. In addition, there is a also another plan to build four to five great edutainment attractions that cater for those families that have young children. The children will have a great opportunity to play and learn at the same time. You will also not get bored because you can also take part in the lakeside village nearby that provides an alternative dining and shopping experience. There are also entertainment outlets, hotels retail and many others. The waterfront esplanade at the lake also features great water activities such as dragon. You can relish a lot of fun filling activities with your family or friends. In addition to the tranquility provided by the Lake Grande condo, the great life of the city is also very close to you. Jurong Lake District that measures three sixty hectare is the most popular regional center in the western side. It is formed by Lakeside Precinct together with Jurong Gateway Precinct.

With all these features and benefits, it is important that you make a plan and get to see the condo. You will just like them because of their uniqueness and their great look. Lake Grande condo is a great investment that is worth making and you will not regret.

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