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Parc Life EC is a great development that is designed by Sembawang Residences Pte Ltd. It is located in Sembawaung avenue, District 27 in Singapore. The executive condominium has leasehold of ninety nine years and is located in an area measuring 238, 849 square feet. It has a gross floor area of 668, 779 square feet and a plot ratio of 2.8. One of the factors that make the condo popular among many people is the high quality premium units you get here. They are built in a unique way to try to differentiate the condo with many others that you might have come across in the Singapore real estate market. The condo is also located in one of the area that has the highest potential of growth in the country. This means that when you buy a home here, there is high potential capital appreciation. Therefore, you do not have to worry when you buy units here because you will definitely get the value of your money in the process.

Parc Life EC- Features

parc life ec

When you enter the units, you will be amazed by the quality of the appliances and furniture that you will get here. The developer of the condo understands that one of the things that make many people feel comfortable and satisfied in their homes is having great appliances and furniture. They do not only make a person feel proud of the house itself because it looks elegant and attractive. The units are equipped with classic interior furniture. They are also complimented with the most updated appliances. If you are the kind of a person who likes to have the most modern and other furniture that have customised designs, Parc life EC will offer you the right solution.

Have you ever entered a house and just got amazed by the layout of the floor and desired that you would like that kind of a floor in your house one time? Then, you do not have to wait again to get into that kind of a house because the units have great floor designs that you might not get in any other place. The floors are made of classic materials that do not get dirty fast and are also easy to clean. Unlike most other floor designs, you will have peace of mind because you know that there is no risk posed by the type of the floors. The other good thing is that the units gave different floor layout designs, so you get the opportunity to select the unit that has the kind of floor layout that you desire. When it comes to this, you will be spoilt because of the many choices available. All the units have excellent floor plan layouts that are functional.

In the modern life, you have a lot of tasks to accomplish within a day. This means that at the end of the day you feel tired and you just want to relax. The condo offers you a great environment where you can relax and have the best experience. In addition, there are a lot of nature parks that are located near Parc life EC. This means that during the weekends or when you are free, you can decide to take time off and visit those parks. The good thing is that the parks have a lot of modern facilities that will make you feel engaged. There are areas that are set aside where your children can engage in different children fun activities and sports. This gives them a great opportunity to interact with other children. Such interactions are vital because they help in your child growth and development. Such outings also give your children ample time because the units offer high level privacy so they might not have enough time to interact with others often.

When it comes to shopping you will have a lot of options because there are a lot of shopping malls and centers that are located nearby. There are several shopping malls that have several businesses located in them. Some of the major ones include Sembawang and vista point Northpoint shopping centre. This means that you do not have to travel long distances before you can buy the goods or get the services that you want when you live in Parc life EC. It is also possible for you to access different locations through seletar expressway, central expressway, Bukit Timah expressway and Tampines expressway. The central business district is also located very close to the Condo, so when you live here you do not hassle a lot reach the center of the town.

parc life ec in Singapore

There are also several schools that are located near Parc life EC, so schooling for your children should never be an issue. You will have wide range of options to choose from, but the good thing is that all the schools are perfect for the education of your children. Some of the major schools found here include spectra secondary school, Ahmad Ibrahim secondary school, Sembawang primary school, Furen international school and Wellington primary schools and others that are coming up. For all your health care needs, you also do not have to worry because there are hospitals that are located just some minutes drive. There are medical institutions such as Khoo Teck Puat Hospital that is located just a short distance from the condo. This means that you will access health care servuces more conviniently.

There are also other amenities that are available in the area that will make you have an enjoyable lifestyle. There is a wading pool, Jacuzzi tennis court, outdoor BBQ pits and playground to make you have an enjoyable dwelling. If you are the kind of a person who loves nature you will have the opportunity to have a fun nature bonding with friends and family members. This is because there are several nature parks that are found within the area. Some of the parks include Vista Park, Yishun Park, Canberra Park and Montreal garden that offer great experience.

Therefore, if you have been looking for an opportunity to own residence, this is a great chance for you to realise your dream.

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