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If you are looking for a great condo around Sembawang you do not need to panic. The visionary EC is an executive combo developed by Qingjian realty (sembawang) Pte Ltd. It is located in Canberra Drive (D27) and has a tenure of ninety nine years of leasehold. It is a 16 block containing nine to eleven storey apartment that consists of six hundred and thirty two units with a single basement car park. The whole condo is located on a site area of 28, 745 sqm with 632 and 5 handicap carpark lots. Here you will get two, three and four bedroomed cospace and six hundred and thirty two units in total.

The Visionaire EC- A Detailed Overview

the visionaire ec

The developer of the condo has collaborated with Samsung Asia to include a smart living technology to make it more viable. Samsung is involved in designing built in kitchen appliances, washing machines and air conditioners to all the units. On the other hand, Canberra EC will be providing Smart Home System to operate digital lock, motion sensor, home speakers, refrigerators, built in kitchen, temperature sensor, air conditioner and many other features that make the condo unique from others. The owners will enjoy high technology equipment in which technology will enable them to operate their washing machines using a smart device remotely. Inside the units, the materials and fittings used are of exceptional quality. The blocks are also spaced out nicely without any form of over density that you find in most of other developments you find in Singapore.

The developer is believed to be the first one to embark on building condos with such plans and features. This means that you will be able to enjoy a lot of features that you never thought you would in Singapore. The major goal of the developer is to ensure that your smart lifestyle is integrated in the condo and make you live a happy and comfortable life here. They also aim to incorporate high tech infrastructures to give necessary support to smart homes as they are built. This will make it possible for buyers to plug into this kind of smart home instantly. In addition to this, internet connectivity will also be leveraged to give great opportunity to homeowners to integrate their own technology with their individual smart devices.

The visionary EC condo will feature great initiative aimed at improving a good lifestyle of its future owners. The initiative is known as “hiLife” and it will make the life of the owners even easier. This will make it possible for the owners of the homes to book great facilities within the condo and discover the latest deals and events within the vicinity of the condo. The homeowners will also have the opportunity to make use lifestyle services and products available on the app. This is the kind of lifestyle that any person would like to live in any type of condo. The condo is developed with deeper understanding and knowing the kind of lifestyle that homeowners like. This is why the mobile apps can offer more value to the lives of the owners.

The developer also uses the EC CoSpace concept that offers the buyers a great opportunity to change the space according to their specific lifestyle requirements. For example, it is possible to transform a space or room into a playroom or study area for kids. It is also possible to transform the space into a store room with an extra house entertainment room, additional wardrobe, guest room and others according to your needs. The efficient use of the space gives you the opportunity to use the space in a better way at different levels of their lives. This is a great feature that will continue to attract more buyers looking for luxurious and spacious living spaces. The developer is also flexible and this is why they are ready to incorporate new concepts that satisfy the needs of the dynamic environment.

The condo is located next to Canberra plaza which has commercial space and F & B amenities for the home owners to use. It is full of full and unique facilities to make the life of all the residents more enjoyable. Some of the great facilities that you will get here include playground for children, clubhouse, guard house, tennis court, function room, fifty meter swimming pool and sun deck. The visionaire EC facilities offer whole entertainment needs for your whole family and friends. By living here, you can be assured that you will enjoy the relaxing lifestyle right in Sembawang.

The Visionaire EC in Singapore

When you live in the condo, you will not hassle or face a lot of inconveniences when it comes to your transport. There are a lot of buses that are found in Sembawang road and Canberra link road. The condo is also located close to a lot of restaurants and shopping centers. This means that for whatever needs that you might have, you can be assured that you will get them instantly. The other good thing is that the restaurants and shops found here operate on 24/7 basis so you can access their products and services any time of the day or night. It is also located nearby to Sun plaza where you can get a lot of services and products. Here you can be assured that there is full entertainment for your family, so there is no time that you will ever complain of boredom. Some of the entertainment destinations found here includes Safra Yishun county club and orchid county club.

Accessing health care facilities should not be an issue because there is Khoo Tech Puat Hospital nearby. Near the visionaire EC, there is Sembawang Wellington primary school located just a kilometer. The good thing is that there is great transport network from and around the visionaire EC. This means that if you want to move in and out of the condo, you do not go through any form of difficulties. The ample parking facility also gives you an opportunity to park your car and feel relaxed because even the security is well maintain in and around this condo.

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