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Wandervale EC is a development located at Choa Chu Drive with ninety nine years of leasehold. It has nine towers containing five hundred and thirty four units and has nine storeys. It is located exactly right beside Choa Chu Kang MRT station. When you live here you will be able to access Keat Hong shopping centre and lot 1 shopper’s mall where you can enjoy a lot of family gatherings and fun. This is condo that will offer you another great lifestyle that you might not have enjoyed before. This great lifestyle is enhanced by the high number of full and exceptional facilities including function room, clubhouse, children’s playground, tennis court, fifty meters pool and indoor gymnasium. These facilities provide comprehensive family entertainment needs for your whole family needs. When you live here, one thing that you need to be assured is that you will indulge in a serene and tranquil lifestyle in the middle of Choa Chu Kang. You will be able to live the kind of lifestyle that you might have admired to live in your entire life. It does not matter the number of family members you have, you can be assured that you will get the best experience when living in this condo.

Wandervale EC- Living Convenience for Everyone

wandervale ec

When it comes to your transport needs, you do not have to panic because there are several transport services and facilities found here. There are a lot of buses that are available close to Choa Chu Kang Drive. This means that when you want to be alone or with your family, you cannot miss a bus that will take you to the destination you want to go at a very affordable fees. Unlike in most other condos that you might have come across in Singapore, Wandervale EC is exceptional in that at all times you will find a bus waiting for passengers because they usually move according to designated time. The buses will offer you high quality transport services in and off the condo. They are equipped with great visual and audio systems that will keep you entertained when you are travelling inside them. In addition, you get high level comfort when you are riding on the shuttle and buses that connect to this area.

The condo is also located in a strategic place where there are a lot of shopping centers and restaurants. Therefore, regardless of the goods or other services that you will require from time to time, you can get them easily without having to travel long distances. Some of the shopping centres found nearby include the sunshine plaza, Kranji expressway, bukit panjang plaza, Greenridge shopping centre and junction 10. Therefore, you will enjoy having some of the most essential facilities that you need with your family at fingertips. Living in the condo will offer you great benefits that you might not get when you live in most other condos that are located in far away from such essential facilities that you require on daily basis.

You can reach Wandervale EC with Choa Chu Kang MRT station using Choa Chu Kang Bus interchange. There are also several schools that are located nearby. So, when you live here, your children will not struggle trying to reach the school or other learning facilities. Some of the elite schools nearby include Teck whye primary school, Assumption pathway school and Bukit Panjang Grove high school. It is also located near Choa Chu Kang public library where you can go and access some high quality learning materials. The library also gives your children great advantage because they can go there to read during their free time. It is good to note that one of the major problems that many parents face when settling down is easy accessibility of schools and learning facilities for their children. So, with the different schools and learning services available, you do not want to lose this great opportunity to grab units in this condo.

This condo is developed by Sim Lian Group known for helping in developing great houses for the last thirty five years. The group is one of the most established developers of properties in Singapore. Its high level expertise and experience in the field is what has made the company be able to design award wining and exceptional projects in Singaporean real estate market. The condo contains wide range of three bedroom, three bedroom premium and four bedroom units with high quality fittings that make them look exceptional. Inside the rooms you will also get great furniture made from high quality wood and other expensive materials. These are the kind of furniture that you might not get in any other place. It is also good to note that it might be a bit expensive for you to buy such furniture, but when you buy the units you find them fully furnished with such furniture.
Wandervale EC in Singapore

As a resident of Wandervale EC you will enjoy being served by the area’s seamless connectivity to different parts of the island through public transportation. There is shuttle bus service that provides free transport to take owners to the Hillion mall. You and your family will also have great time resting and relaxing in Teck whye gardens and Choa Chu Kang Park. You can also use the facilities that are provided at Choa Chu Kang Community centre that is located near to the condo.

Another major reason why you would want to live in Wandervale EC is that the condo is surrounded by a very conducive environment. It is located along Brickland road where there is a spacious green forest. This gives you and your family a relaxing and cooling environment to relax after spending the whole day performing the different tasks that you do for a living or even after spending your leisure time engaging in different kinds of fun activities. You will get a relaxing and cooling environment that you cannot get when you live in most other condos located inside the major towns or cities. So why don’t you grab a home here and live to enjoy a quality life?

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